Friday, 2 December 2011

How it all began

This is just a bit of a bio about me and how I found atheism. I was raised in a very religious family with a devout catholic mother and a church of England father and up until about the age of 9 I was a devout christian. I used to pray at least once a day, I would often be found hidden away in my room reading bible stories. You might be asking what changed? It's quite simple really, I read the bible; not my favourite passages or stories, the whole thing, cover to cover.

If you are a christian, questioning your faith or not, I would advise doing this. if you read the bible and analyse it's content, the fallacies and contradictions begin to scream at you. Once the thought implants itself in your mind that maybe, just maybe the texts are wrong it's like a snowball starting an avalanche.

Once I reached the age of 12 and started studying science in depth at school I found something I truly loved...biology! From my very first lesson I knew I was hooked, I started reading anything and everything I could get my hands on, I took the subject through college and then at university, I found something that explained life in a way the bible and an invisible man in the sky never could. I'll often hear religious apologists saying how there is such beauty in the religious world view but I beg to differ; there is far more beauty in nature; from the transduction of electro-chemical signals via neurons to those four tiny base pairs which form all life on this planet...truly beautiful!

I think I would have been perfectly happy to sit quietly let others believe what they wanted without causing any fuss until one day posting on a forum site I saw a post from a 12 year old girl. This post declared (in extremely bad grammar) that anyone who sought medical treatment for anything would burn in hell, followed by very lengthy ramblings about men violating god's will. This medieval thinking that had been imposed on this young girl infuriated me, it was then I discovered more about creationism and fundamentalist sects of christianity; this is when I became an "angry atheist" and this is why I started this blog.

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