Saturday, 3 December 2011

Religious Argument No.3

Historical records show that Jesus was real etc.

I’ve pretty much covered this in a previous post, but I’ll break it down into 2 parts:

1. Records regarding the existence of Jesus are not exactly clear, there are many scholars today that believe that there is significant evidence to suggest the man never even existed, some scholars believe he probably did exist (a lot of this is based on Roman records of execution which outline the execution of “Josephus” around about the same time-frame) but that most accounts detailed in the bible are wildly inaccurate and heavily embellished.

Which leads us quite nicely onto point 2:

2.Was Jesus the son of god / god incarnate as man; I would say that this is essentially the basis of the argument, the answer…no. Many people would try to slam me at this point for being so certain of this point, however, during this time period there were actually many “messiahs” roaming about, most of them quite widely reported in historical texts, and yet here we have the bible telling us that Jesus was the one true messiah wandering the land, performing miracles, healing the sick (most of the other messiahs were also claimed to have carried out the same acts) and yet we have no real historical evidence, surely if this guy had been the real deal the records would vastly outweigh any records for the other messiahs…but they don’t!

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