Saturday, 3 December 2011

Religious Argument No.5

The bible has historical truths therefore it must all be true

If you can’t spot the fallacy in this statement you deserve a slap…with a baseball bat. I always find it amusing to turn this argument around and make a comparison to something else such as “The Lion, he Witch and the Wardrobe” It starts during the Second World War which I’m pretty sure actually happened, the children we’re evacuated out of London to a more rural area for their safety (again this happened) so that must mean NARNIA IS REAL!!

I think that should be enough to put that one to rest but I’ll delve a bit further, ok there are some historical events mentioned in the bible that did happen, however, there are so many that we know to be incorrect; for example the fact that there is no evidence outside of the bible that suggests the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians (who tended to keep pretty good records of things so you’d expect to see at least some evidence), or that there was any mass exodus of slaves from Egypt, or that there was ever a man named Moses who had any part in these fictional activities. Let’s put it this way, even the very existence of Jesus is frequently questioned by historians…it’s all true? Not a chance!

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