Saturday, 3 December 2011

They're at it again...

Don’t you just hate the discovery institute? I know I do, and not because it’s a religious group (and it is a religious group). The reason I hate the discovery institute is for one simple reason… they are lying scum!

You may think that this sounds like a harsh appraisal, however, if you take the time to actually read through their literature you will see what I mean. The so called scientific papers published by this group contain so many falsities and mis-truths that I can’t help but to call them liars.

For example the articles below (I would check out the PDF and read the whole thing) are a revision of the work done by Jonathan Wells (a man who is quoted as having said that destroying Darwinism was his motive for gaining a PhD in biology) using Wells’ original “grading system.”

Essentially the guy wanted to grade descriptions/images of evidence supporting evolution, which is fine; in science we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our work to make sure it is up to date and accurate in lines with all known information, however, unlike Wells we do not make up our own grading system to fit in with our own beliefs (if you didn’t already spot this go back and take another look at the “Icons of Evolution Explained”).

Here is where the truth of the discovery institute lies, Wells’ paper back in 2000 was rejected by the scientific community, why? Because it doesn’t follow the scientific method, so doesn’t pass peer review. If Wells’ original paper was rejected why is it still being used as a basis for Luskin’s paper? Quite simple; the discovery institute publish their own journals without need for rigorous peer review in an attempt to smear genuine science. This is why I call them lying scum.

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