Sunday, 4 December 2011

News Story of the Week

This week the Catholic church and other Christian sects have been rebelling against the so called "birth control mandate" initiated by President Obama's administration. The mandate is ensuring medical institutions and insurers to provide "preventative health care" essentially provide affordable birth control devices, procedures and drugs.

In my opinion this topic has absolutely nothing to do with the church, of course they aren't going to like the concept as it goes against their teachings but does that really mean that nobody should have access to these services regardless of their faith? Whether or not an individual wishes to have access to these services and products is their decision, the church has no authority to insist otherwise.

I believe that the US first amendment is quite clear regarding the separation of church and state so how is it that the Catholic church seems to think they should have it their way? This story really makes me happy that I live in the UK!

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