Friday, 2 December 2011

Just what are you so bothered about?

I often in times of boredom find myself perusing creation "science" or "news" websites, usually just so I can laugh myself silly at their attempts to disprove science by using their own "science". Today I just happened to stumble upon the below article by Kenneth P. Green and Hiwa Alaghebandian titled "Science turns Authoritarian":

Go on, take a quick read, trust me it's worth it! Essentially the authors of this idiocy seem to think that science is losing it's credibility due to demanding statements in published articles. I think the thing that stands out above all else (except maybe their fantastic Excel graph) is the fact that their are no figures anywhere to be seen; tell me guys where does your research show that science is losing credibility?

Apart from the above there are just so many holes I can punch through this page, such as the fact that the "statements" they have collated have no context whatsoever, my assumption is that most of those statements were directed at the research itself or towards those in the field of research i.e. science dictates that we follow process X, Y and Z which of course is in no way authoritarian or demanding.

In general I see the findings in this article to be, for lack of a better word, pathetic. Even if statements in articles were becoming more demanding in their wording, maybe that's because the studies were looking into what we need to achieve to change certain outcomes, in this eventuality a demanding statement is not only fair but required.

At the end of it all my question for the authors is why do you care? What is your article trying to achieve? In my opinion this quote sums up the article:
"you must change your life in this way, that way, or the other way.” I believe the authors of this article are trying to make out that scientists are attempting to manipulate everyone's way of life, trying to make out that science is a deplorable, but most of all trying to make out that science is failing and people are losing their trust in it.
I are deceiving yourselves!

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